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“Very informative leadership information. Explains how to respectfully lead in communities and places you may not have the same beliefs. Explains focusing on your long term goals and not just the assignment that is in front of you at that moment.”

Alyssa Benard, Office Assistant
Blessing Hands of Maine

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Jonathan Brozozog

Douglas E. Clay
Navigating Diverse Communities and Long-Term Goals

Doug Clay is a respected leader in the General Council of the Assemblies of God, USA. He was elected as the CEO of the organization in 2017 and serves as the general superintendent. Prior to his current role, Clay served as the general treasurer of the church for nine years and was also superintendent of the Ohio District. He has a deep passion for the local church’s wellbeing, equipping leaders to fulfill their calling and promoting church health.

Besides his leadership responsibilities, Clay is an author, having written books such as “Ordered Steps” and “Dreaming in 3D.” He graduated from Central Bible College and shares his life with his wife, Gail, along with their two grown daughters and seven grandchildren.

Find out more at AG.org.

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Jonathan Brozozog

Dr. Phil Cooke
Media In A 21st Century Ministry

Phil Cooke, Ph.D. is co-founder and CEO of Cooke Media Group in Los Angeles. Phil has produced media programming in nearly 70 countries, and created many of the most influential inspirational TV programs in history with a client list that includes Hollywood studios, major nonprofit organizations, and many of the most respected churches and ministries in the world.

His latest book is: “Ideas on a Deadline: How to Be Creative When the Clock Is Ticking.” He’s been called “one of the most innovative communicators of our generation.”

Find out more at PhilCooke.com.

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Jonathan Brozozog

Dr. Tim Hill
Titles Do Not Mean Anything When In A Crisis

Dr. Tim Hill is General Overseer for the international ministries of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), where he leads the ministries of approximately 7.6 million members of nearly 42,000 churches in 185 countries and territories worldwide.

Hill is married to Paula; they have three daughters: Melinda, Brittany, and Tara.
Learn more about Dr. Tim Hill here.

Jonathan Brozozog

Let the Text Talk – From Idea to Pulpit

Marcus Mecum is the senior pastor of 7 Hills Church. Since 2007, we have been focused on helping people live a “better life with Christ” in the Greater Cincinnati area and across the world. We know it can be difficult to find a church that the whole family enjoys, so our heart is to be a place where everyone you love feels right at home.
Learn more about Marcus Mecum here.

Jonathan Brozozog

Keys to Creative Leadership

Jonathan Brozozog is a pastor, communicator, and creative thinker committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As founder and lead pastor, he has helped grow Creative Church over the past 18 years into a vibrant, creative, and diverse multi-site church.

Learn more about Jonathan Brozozog here.

Dave Martin

Responsibility’s Results

Dave Martin, America’s #1 Christian Success Coach, is a coach, pastor, mentor, inspirational speaker, and business leader with a mission to communicate the biblical principles of success. Coach Dave is known around the world for his ability to resonate with his audience, providing insights and wisdom that are life-changing.

Learn more about Dave Martin here.

Sam Chand

Leadership Experience

In this season of his life, Sam Chand does one thing—Leadership.

Sam has authored over 16 leadership books including: Leadership Pain, New Thinking New Future, and Bigger Faster Leadership.

John Lennox

Stand Up or Sit Down

What’s the quickest way to lose your influence? It’s to lose your voice. In this Leadership Insight, Dr. John Lennox speaks about how leaders can overcome fear and find the boldness to speak up in every area of leadership.

John Lennox

Planning for Growth

Glenn’s insight touches on many areas of business leadership that build a growth mentality such as hiring, confidence, and commitment.

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