At Faith Bible College International, the whole student life experience takes place in the friendly atmosphere of the campus, which over the years has been described by our students best as a family atmosphere.  We know that some of the most memorable and meaningful moments in the student experience happen outside of the routine, so we do our best to create activities and special events that break away from routine to provide moments that our students enjoy while connecting with their fellow students.

During the school year, the Student Government Association (SGA) serves their fellow students by hosting monthly activities on campus and in the surrounding areas at popular, local attractions that tourists travel miles to experience. They work to provide a balance of spiritual and social activities that add to the student life experience at Faith Bible College International.

In addition to creating memorable activities for the entire student body, each class plans and schedules class activities and events to build class unity and fun moments.




Class officers, a class president and class secretary, are elected annually by each class. The class also elects a class advisor during the freshman year and again during the sophomore year. The sophomore year class advisor will automatically serve as the class advisor from the sophomore through senior years. These officers hold class business meetings with the entire class as determined by the class advisor and president.


The Student Government Association (SGA) is a team of elected student representatives from and by the entire student body. They serve together as a liaison between the students and Faith Bible College International’s administration. The SGA’s ultimate objective is to ensure the best possible student experience and explore new ways to reach that mission.  Students may submit proposals to their SGA representative that could bring policy changes or other student life improvements.

Student Government Association officers and representatives are elected annually by the student body. Candidates for office are model students who exemplify Christian character and meet the Conditions of Eligibility that are outlined in the student handbook.  The Student Government Association is involved in planning and hosting such activities as welcome week, school spirit week, and the annual Christmas banquet.


Mentor groups meet weekly to discuss relevant topics, develop lasting relationships, encourage good community living, and build a stronger foundation on Jesus Christ and His word.  Each group is composed of a staff member as a mentor and a small group of students as mentees.


Missionary Prayer Group:  The World Missions Outreach Group is a student-run organization that meets weekly to support foreign missionaries through prayer and to promote missions interest on campus.

Soul-Winning Prayer Group:  Students who have a strong heart for the lost gather weekly to fast and pray for unsaved friends, acquaintances, and family.