Ministry Outreach

Student Ministries:


“Voices of Faith” is the school’s chorale group this year. All of our ministry is done in-house at Friday night Chapel services, at least once a month. Students are able audition for the chorale at the beginning of each semester.

Ministry Practicum:

The Ministry Practicum program (MI 1011) gives Faith students opportunities to experience ministry firsthand. Half of the program consists of local outreach through church, nursing home, and soup kitchen ministry, in the immediate area. The second aspect of Ministry Practicum is called Crusades, in which small groups of students are sent to churches throughout the Northeast and Canada.

They minister under the close supervision of experienced pastors. Students sing, teach, testify, preach, witness, receive personal pastoral instruction and mentoring, and even help churches with practical tasks. Through the Crusade program alone, every student will have at least 60 days of hands-on ministry experience upon graduation from Faith.

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The “Acts of Faith” drama team shares the Gospel through skits, plays, and mime. The group ministers in special campus events as well as in churches and evangelistic outreaches.

Missions Trips:

Periodic missions trips, led by a faculty member, lead students to the field to work with established missionaries or nationals. Trips and destinations vary. In addition to school missions trips, Faith’s missions department aids students by linking them with other missions opportunities through a variety of organizations.